RaGa Slammed Modi For “Gau-Rakshak” Statement! This Time, Twitter Supported Rahul’s Views!

Yesterday, PM Modi slammed the Gau Rakshaks and said that they don’t have any right to harm or kill people for the sake of cows. He reminded everyone that we are living in an era of non-violence and such acts are totally unacceptable.
Whatever Modi said was 100 percent right, however, Rahul Gandhi got a good chance to take a dig at him. Often, we have seen the Congress vice-president trolling the PM for his statements.
According to RaGa, it is very late to talk about this issue because already, many cases of violence have been reported.
As soon as PMO tweeted about the issue on official Twitter handle, Rahul Gandhi gave them a reply from his official handle.
Here’s what he tweeted;

The tweet read, “Too little too late. Words mean nothing when actions out do them”
It’s the fact that till date, many cases of lynching have been reported; it’s very late to speak about this. Further, he also added that words have no meaning when actions outdo them.
Action ki umeed?
Modi has failed to secure safety!
Pehle kadam uthana chahiye tha!
He’s not man of words!
Loss is big!
Instant noodles?
Narendra Modi must resign!
People are right; Modi should have thought of taking action as soon as such incidents were reported. The damage has already been done and now, these words will hardly make any difference.
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