Rajkummar Rao’s Transformation Has Become A Meme On Twitter! Users’ Tweets Are Hilarious!

Actor Rajkumar Rao is multi-talented; he has played many different roles and has done justice to each one of them. His performances have been award winning and we are proud that he made it possible in such a short span. Usually actors have to struggle a lot to establish themselves, but Rajkummar Rao proved himself really soon.
His transformations have been amazing. Recently, we saw his “Raabta” look i.e. the one of a 324 year old man. He surprised everyone with this look, but no doubt, he fit in completely well.
Looks as if his transformation has become a hot topic of discussion on social media. Yes, people are loving the way he adjusts so well in different avatars and are praising him for the same, but in a hilarious way. Rajkummar’s transformation has taken shape of some funny memes and jokes and it’s a good laughter dose for the day.
People have clubbed his 3 major transformations and are having total fun;
Have a look…
The DP difference!

Every month’s story!
Hahaha, this is hilarious!
Different types of living!
LOL, IT employee!
Income, tax, saving!
Weed :p
Results are always like this!
Hahaha, Kejriwal!
Aamir movies!
Wow, what funny comparisons!

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