Secret Love: Deepika Padukone Have A Huge Crush On This Hollywood Actor Which She Revealed On Social Media For The Very First Time!

Deepika's This Secret Love Will Definately mourn You All.

#4 Deepika's Ideal Man Should Have These Qualities.

#4 Deepika's Ideal Man Should Have These Qualities.
Deepika Padukone is often a shy person who likes to keep her life private but the actress spoke on a few interesting aspects of her life on a talk show. 

Deepika got candid and talked about how her ideal man should be, who is her huge crush and with whom she would share her first kiss. 

The actress said that the three qualities that an ideal man must have to date her are, sense of humor, a good height and should be a good human being.

#3 Deepika's Upcoming Films

#3 Deepika's Upcoming Films
Deepika Padukone is looking forward to the release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati alongside her rumoured boyfriend Ranveer Singh, and Shahid Kapoor. 

She will also be seen in a Vishal Bharadwaj film to be directed by Honey Trehan. The star is paired up with her Piku co-star Irrfan Khan. She is also confirmed to be a part of xXx part 4 along side Vin Diesel. 

Her crush is not Vin Diesel Nor Bradley Cooper then who? look forward to know

#2 Make A Bond

The star captioned the picture, She looks adorable, as she gave a pose with her younger sister in her favourite corner spot on the couch in her childhood room. 

In this article they also mentioned that their mom Ujjala had decided to put the girls in the same room so that the two of them will bond. Looks like they bonded really well over handsome Jack from Titanic. The post is nostalgic for anyone who watched Titanic then and fell in love with the lead actor. 

#1 Leonardo Caprico

#1 Leonardo Caprico
Deepika Padukone took to her official Instagram account to post a flashback. It was an article about the Padukone sisters when they were young and how they bonded together while growing up. 

The picture of Deepika and her sister Anisha is cute, and in the background there is a huge posters of Leonardo Dicaprio. Titanic movie posters and posters of Dicaprio were horded up in the siblings’ room. 

Apparently both of them had a major crush on the Revenant star. Well, we can understand. After all, he is the heartthrob of an entire generation.
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