See Twin Babies Fighting In Their Mother’s Womb! Caught On MRI Scan!

Having a baby is the most joyous moment in one’s life. But what makes it even more special? Having a twin. Below is a beautiful video of the twins while they are inside their mother’s womb. You have to see this to witness the cuteness.


A woman completes the family, but her child completes her. Giving birth to a child is every woman’s dream. The first time when she conceives her child, that feeling and emotions can never be expressed in words.
Only a mother can know how impeccable the feeling is, here’s one such mother who is soon to give birth to her twins. Though it may sound a bit painful imagining the situation, a mother finds pleasure in these sorts of pain, isn’t it?
The picture below shows the two wonder kids inside their mother’s womb showing something that will surely blow your mind.

The Theories

It has been researched that infants learn most of the socializing tactics right from the time they are inside the womb. Thus explaining their way of interacting with the world.
To make these studies even more impactful, many kinds of research were conducted. One of all such medical studies was done by Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke who did the MRI scan of the twins (which you’ll see below) in London.

The wonder kids

In this video, you’ll see the splendid connection between the duo. While the one on the right is quite dominating, the other one seems to be caring. When the dominating kid kicks the other child, the left one moves in a way as if kissing the right one. this video was totally surreal, awestruck.
This experience in watching the video is totally surreal and makes many awestruck.
The magnetic resonance imaging feature made it possible to change the depth of visual field, the frame rate, and the sweep angle and then these twin fetuses’ recordings were digitized.

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