SRK Just Gifted Salman Khan A New Car And Twitter’s Take Is As Brutal As Ever

So, Shahrukh Khan is rich right? Like obscenely rich? Could buy the building instead of paying rent rich. Which is why it seems like a very wise decision to do favours for the man. Not only are you doing a favour for Shahrukh-Fucking-Khan, you’re probably going to be happy when the reward for the same shows up. Which is probably how his alleged bestie Salman felt when gifted a brand new car by SRK. (h/t)
The two recently appeared together in Tubelight. Which in a country plagued by a variety of social evils is pretty big news. Because two men with the same last name are coming together to do something. But, Salman Khan doesn’t withhold goodwill, he rescheduled his shoot so that he could shoot a song for SRK’s upcoming project with Aanand L Rai.
And it was at this point that SRK surprises him with a luxury vehicle that’s allegedly not even on the market yet.
Even though Twitter commenting about everything is pretty irritating, this time it added some humour to a story essentially about rich people being rich together. Mostly because Salman Khan + a car + pedestrians – one driver isn’t a winning combination.









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