Strange Facts You Didn’t Know About Heath Ledger’s Joker

Hollywood is a place where people have such creativity and such dedicated and adapt to change actors,that we can’t imagine.Here is one such guy who is well known as Joker. Heath Ledger really payed off well in playing his part as a joker, which would always be remembered.

Best Villain

He is been the best villain in the history of movies ,which would be agreed by many.We have seen his sheer madness in this character.His name Heath was named after Mr. Heathcliff, the dark character from Emily Bronte’s classic novel Wuthering Heights.

Chamber Of Secrets

Heath locked himself  in a motel room for around 43 days to get the feeling of isolation and no sense of humanity which the Joker’s character dealt with.

Different Look

He looked different from as any joker looked .Heath took an attire of  Sid Vicious, which made him look exceptionally brilliant as a villain.

Tongue Flip

The use of his tongue flip was just an exaggeration of his daily habit ,nothing special was assigned to him for the role. It was totally his touch.

Heath Almost Never Played This Role

Originally this role was offered to Sean Penn ,the producer’s first choice.He turned down the role because it was previously done by his friend. So it finally came up to Heath and ohhh good lord, we are glad!

Heath Wanted To Be Batman

He first wanted to play the role of batman but finally decided with Nolan that he was not good enough in 2005.Later in 2008 he was asked to play the role of joker.

Nolan Was Criticized

Cristopher Nolan was criticized first for choosing Heath for such a role,as people believed he was way sweet to be on screen as a villain .
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