The 7 Most Hilariously Awkward Texts Ever Sent by Guys

woman says she got this text from a guy she doesn't remember giving her number to and got super confused when she saw it first thing in the morning. Honestly though, this is the best kind of text to receive from a strange dude because if you go meet up with him and he's gross, you still get to spend time with a dog. Plus, I'd much rather get that than "Come meet my penis," unless that's what this guy actually meant. Tough to know.
2. The Guy Who Has Nothing to Say But Desperately Wants to Talk to You Anyway. Nothing says, "Hey, just thinking about you incessantly and making a collage of your face out of macaroni I stole from the dumpster outside your house," like this text does. It's basically, "Hey, I have literally no reason to talk to you and couldn't think of a good conversation starter, but I saw a woman today and you are also a woman and I also remember something you told me once. We having sex or nah?"
3. The Guy Who Knows You Don't Like Him but Screw It, He's Texting You. Moises, if you already think that the girl you're about to text doesn't remember you or like you, and then you text her and she's like, "You're right. I don't remember you," your next move should not be, "So, how about that weather, am I right?" It should be to move on.
4. The Guy You Barely Know Who Brings Up Being Your Boyfriend Out of Nowhere and Then Gets Mad When You Say No. This woman says this text came out of nowhere during a conversation with a random guy she knew. It'd be one thing if he was joking and played it off like, "Haha, I know. I'm just kidding and I think you're cool." But this guy went the "Well then I say good day, madam" route which is not cool.
5. The Guy Who Thinks You Want the D. This poor woman also had a guy text her this gem during a conversation where she told him she liked the same video game he did and he immediately was like, "Oh, cool. You want my penis." My favorite part of this is when he adds a scared face emoji, and then she tells him to leave her alone yet again, and he says, "Seriously," like "No, I'm serious. You want it. I'm positive." I'd love to see what being on a date with this guy is like because I am guessing it is a wild ride.
6. The Guy Who Is Really Into You, or Not, Just Kidding. This is basically just "Hahaha, that came out wrong, unless you want to get together before I settle down with someone who isn't you, in which case it came out very, very right. No response? OK, then yes, it came out wrong."
7. The Guy Who Thinks Your Phone Must Be Broken. I almost wish this was the early 2000s and he'd just left these weird messages on her voicemail. "Yes, hello? Hi, it's me. Are you there? You're probably not there. It's still me though. I will call back." "Yes, hello? Me again. Are you there yet? No? I'll try again in an hour." I do not understand this man and hope he is safely secluded from interactions with people.
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