The Difference Between ICC Champions Trophy & ICC Women World Cup 2017 Prize Money Will Shock You

Gender discrimination is a disease far wider spread than the boundaries of our country. If you’ve ever felt offended with the difference in men and women’s pay working for same designation here in India, this information is going to give you a big shock.
Image Source: Emaze
It has come to the notice that a global body like ICC which has been responsible for promoting the sportsmanship among players of both genders over the years is also involved in the game of sexism.

It has been observed that there’s a great difference between the prize money being distributed by the International Cricket Council just because they are played by different genders.
While ICC shelled out a prize money of $ 2.2 million i.e 14.18 crores INR for the winners of the Champions Trophy 2017, the prize money of Women’s World Cup winners is as low as $660,000 i.e 4.2 crores. Another thing that shocked us was the fact that winning amount of Women’s World Cup is lower than the prize money of Champions Trophy’s first runner-up i.e. 7 crores INR.
So basically one on side the world is debating about gender equality and on the other side ICC, which represents world’s one of the most followed game indulges in such insulting acts. On the contrary, there must be another possibility of this. May be Women’s World Cup doesn’t garner as much curiosity and has still a long way to go in generating viewership and revenues which might be the reason in low prize money.
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