The Funny Side Of An Engineer’s Life!

Engineering may be the “ideal” career for most in this world, but when it actually comes to studying it, things seem to be going downhill for most. Engineering is not easy. So in a world of science, exams and lack of estrogen producing bodies, engineers find humble happiness in everyday incidents. This is a compilation of funny snaps that engineers all over the world would relate to… and for those who don’t know what the heck this is, JUST ENJOY!

The Exam

Let’s get started!!!

Students will go to any extent to keep themselves hydrated…Not that we are complaining!

Dedicated Employee

Some of us are so dedicated to our jobs that it is tough to part with it…ever!

Stereotypical Much?

This could be a little stereotypical, but all in good spirit, friends!


Sometimes, even vending machines need band-aids!

Upside Down?

This is what happens when you don’t know your key functions!

So True?

Damn. Tough life!

It’s like a regular Tuesday

HAHAHA. This one cracked us up the most!


Some people really need to chill it a bit…

Me Too

Says every student in this world!!!

Tough Life?

When life gets tough, the tough get going…and saw open food cans. Hilarious!
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