The Length Of Your Index Finger Tells Your Personality And Fortune Accurately – Adventurous? Successful? Natural Leader?

Fortune telling experts are found across the globe and people have gained interest in knowing what lies in their future destiny. Did you know that your fingers can also tell most about your personality, career and your relationships as well? Believe it or not but, this has been proven by the scientists too.

The Ring Finger

Just keep your hands straight and observe your fingers carefully. They all are not of the same length. If the ring finger is the longer than the index finger, experts have revealed that the exposure to testosterone in the womb, lowers the growth of index finger resulting in the length difference between the index and ring finger.
This may seem superstitious but there is no harm in trying it out. There can be many factors contributing to your personality and you can relate to few of them which is pretty normal. Here we will tell you some different personality traits based on the length of fingers.

Born Leader

People with Longer Index Finger are confident and responsible. They portray leadership qualities and easily take charge of the tasks. Others look for the right guidance and advice from them.
This group of people, however, may not be adventurous and can suffer from anxiety issues. These People are likely to have good academic performance because of their good memory.

Love Adventures

When exposed to more testosterone, these people tend to have a longer ring finger and they tend to be more adventurous. They excel in sports and are good at mathematics and solving puzzles. Such people are normally confident and charming. They get along well with others but are less likely to be faithful to one partner.

Some may take them as aggressive or overbearing, but their attitude helps them succeed in their career.

Good At Communication

People having the ring and index finger of the same length tend to be calm and compassionate. They are trustworthy and others approach them for discussion on their personal matters.

These people normally listen to others and evaluate every detail which help them in solving complex problems effectively.
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