These 11 Pictures Are The Best Start To Your Day. Hilarious!!!

Everyone deserves a good dose of laughter every day and today we are going to do just that. Let’s lighten that mood and bring on the smiles, these pictures are going to get you cracking like never before!


This happens so often that it doesn’t even feels funny anymore…damn!
Now you’d know why aerobic, gymnastic and yoga classes were essential in life!
You are what you eat…but I guess, this lady here has taken it a tad too seriously. Oreo? ARE YOU FOR REAL?
Some of us would go to any extent to make ourselves happy. Even if it means climbing shelves and sinks to get the perfect lighting for a selfie!
Hahahaha… Awwww. This little munchkin is the most adorable thing you’ll see today. Even if she got the whole “I am pretending to hold a world wonder in my arms” pose completely wrong. So cute!
Getting real is so mainstream. What fun is it to look at yourself as a fish eating burger? Huh!
This boy has his priorities straight and we love it!
This happens all the time. We are trying this NOW. Are you?
Hahaha. Mothers are the best, aren’t they? They just know what cheers you up instantly, even if it means they have to lie…over and over and over again. Tough life!
Yeah, we all know how this sh*t is going to sail. Would you ever be able to solve this cube?
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