This Game Of Thrones’ Desi Version Will Give You Unlimited Laughter! It’s Awesome!

80 percent of the people in India are big fans of GoT i.e. Game Of Thrones. Some people watch it just for time-pass, but there are some who get big blows with those shocking moments. Everyone has a reason to watch GoT. In India, you might come across some people who don’t know what Game of Thrones is all about, haha.
Why not imagine the Indian version? Don’t you think people would be able to relate to it more? Well, Shitty Ideas Trending aka SIT has come up with one such video and you’ll have good fun, even though you have no understanding of GoT.
They have introduced Game of Thrones in the desi style; you can’t even imagine how hilarious this Indian version has turned out to be. In this video, you will see characters clashing with each other and following weird superstitions.
Watch it right away;

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Wasn’t it damn funny? Didn’t you get loads of laughter?
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