This Genius Invention Is Saving A Lot Of Animals From Terrible Deaths

Summers are the best season for water lovers. They enjoy being in the pool all the time! But everyone who owns a pool knows the flip side of having a pool. Yes, we are talking about those unfortunate incidents when the little animals go into the pool to beat the heat of the sun but when they can’t find a way back to the ground, they get drowned in the water and die!
This mainly happens with rodents, lizards and other amphibians too! But to prevent this terrible death of animals, Wildlife Biologist Rich Mason has created an invention called the FrogLog.

What is FrogLog?

Wondering what actually is FrogLog? So, it’s actually a boon to backyard wildlife, it can do wonders in reducing the ever-increasing death tolls of amphibians! When Mason got a call from his friend who told him about this terrible situation, he was determined to do something about it! He decided to create some sort of raft device that could possibly help them escape the pool.

The Design Of FrogLog

The FrogLog includes an inflatable platform attached to a mesh skirt. It also has a weighted pouch that helps secure the FlogLog to the ledge. There also a ramp made from mesh connecting the two ends together.
The very first trial of the FrogLog became immensely successful thereby rescuing 50 frogs and numerous other small animals from the pool.
Next, he swapped the foam out for an inflatable platform, then the device was good to go and hence he began to sell the FrogLog. Since then, he received a lot of appreciation and praises of this worthy invention that is extremely wonderful for the pool owners. Not only does it helps in rescuing the little animals, but it also helps in cutting the pool cleaning cost!
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