This Guy Couldn’t See His Love Marrying Someone Else! Set Her On Fire & Killed Her Mom & Grandmom

There is a difference between love, possessiveness and obsession. All three are totally different terms altogether. While love means sharing the happiness, in possessiveness you become too touchy for someone that you don’t want to let them go even for a second. An obsessed mind, however, thinks that only he has the rights of someone’s attention and no one else can try to go close. While love can go to any level to spread happiness, obsession takes the person towards the destruction of self and others.
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A stalker from Uttar Pradesh’s Khamhariya village who was obsessed with a girl since long, set her on fire when he found that she’s getting married to someone else. This is not the end as he also killed her mother and grandmother in the process.
The local police told PTI that the guy named Seraj had visited Saudi Arabia a couple of months back and returned after knowing that the girl’s family had fixed her marriage to someone else.
The police added that the accused went straight to the girl’s house day before yesterday and tried to set her on fire. When the mother and grandmother of the girl tried to rescue her, he killed them too.

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As per the police, the girl saved her life by locking herself in a room. The Police added that the man fled the scene as villagers gathered on hearing the cries.
Sharing the information with the Police, the girl told them that there was one more person with the man but she could not recognise him because of darkness.
Superintendent of Police Sankalp Sharma said the matter was being investigated.
Well, this is really scary. We hope they find the guy and beat him black and blue. What do you think?
News Source: PTI
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