This Is The Smartest Kid In The World And He Thinks CERN Destroyed Our Universe

It goes without saying that our universe is a fairly complex place. Had we could feel what’s happening in and around the universe each moment, we would be awestruck by its glory and splendour. Do you know that there are nine million known species of life on Earth, at least 500 billion planets in the Milky Way, and an estimated trillion galaxies?! The scales are surely mind-boggling!
The discoveries of science always take us by surprise at the grandeur of the universe, the discoveries are always beyond our comprehensions, something that we would never be able to imagine! Science is life, after all! It proves complex theories such as that of quantum entanglement, unified field of consciousness, free energy, superhuman abilities, singularity, parallel universes and alternate realities.
These are certainly so complex that even we fail to understand it completely almost all the times, so obviously we can never expect a child to understand such complex theories! But Max Laughlin is different! He is not an ordinary kid of thirteen years of age, he is a pure genius! Probably, he is the smartest kid on the Earth. At the age of 13 years, when most of us were probably learning riding bicycle, he invented a Free Energy Device, something that could potentially power the whole world for free. He became famous all across the world for his brilliant ideas and points of view on interesting subjects like the nature of The Universe and Alternate Realities.
He is back with his latest theory which says that CERN actually destroyed our universe and we’re now living in a parallel universe which was in close proximity to our original universe. Max thinks that the famous Mandela Effect is a result of that. He has explained it all beautifully in this video, it is really worth a watch!

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