This TOTALLY Mental Fashion Trend is Taking Over Our Instagram Feed

Instagram is the new hub for crazy sh*t. After bizzare beauty trends like coloured lashes, floral eyeliners, Instagram is going gaga over this new fashion fad–the watermelon dress. The hashtag #WatermelonDress has been trending all through the summer.
People are posting pictures of themselves or their friends in a 'watermelon dress' that is, literally, just a watermelon slice!
To jump on the bandwagon, all you have to do is cut the juicy fruit in shape of a summer dress and then hold it in front of your muse. It gives the illusion that they are wearing a real watermelon dress. The trick is to get the distance and focus right. Result? Uber-cool pictures.
The Instagrammers are making the most of this trend.
Check out the trend here:
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