Watch: Employee Reveals What CERN Really Is

The European Organization for Nuclear Research also known as CERN is something beyond our senses could understand. However, some people believe that it is actually CERN which is responsible for the destruction of our universe. It is because of CERN that we’re now living in a parallel universe which is in close proximity to our original universe ( Read Max Laughlin’s Theory).  Then there are some other people who differ in their opinion! They think that it is just a simple particle accelerator and nothing else!
Brian Cox, a physicist who works at CERN tries to explain what it is for those who are curious to know more about it. And what a genius description, I must say! You got to watch this video at the end of this post to have all the information about CERN. It is the best possible description of this widely popular theory.
Many activities at CERN currently involve operating the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and the experiments for it. The LHC represents a large-scale, worldwide scientific cooperation project. The LHC tunnel is located 100 metres underground, in the region between the Geneva International Airport and the nearby Jura mountains. The majority of its length is on the French side of the border. It uses the 27 km circumference circular tunnel previously occupied by the Large Electron-Positron Collider (LEP), which was shut down in November 2000.
So, if you want to know about what CERN really is and where they are headed from, you will have to watch this informative video underneath. It can be difficult to follow at first but trust me it gets better and you will not get anything more informative than this on CERN on the web! Here you go!
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