Watch Video! Swift Dzire Tries Overtaking Lamborghini & Kills 1 Man

Records have shown that road accidents cover a major amount of total annual deaths in our country. Despite such devastating accidents happening on a daily basis, there seems to be no improvement in the attitude of the public regarding driving.
Rash driving continues to be same over the years, thus causing many people lose their lives everyday.
A similar kind of accident happened at Noida Expressway on Saturday when a Swift Dzire car driver hit a Lamborghini while changing the lane abruptly. As per the police, the incident happened around 2 pm on Noida Expressway near sector 135.
Shocked by the sudden attempt to change the lane, the driver of the Lamborghini diverged to his left trying evade collision with Dzire. But in the process, a Maruti Eeco car coming from behind collided with Lamborghini. The van driver lost control and it toppled several times before falling into the drain.

Watch the video-
You can also watch the video here
The Maruti Eeco driver Arshad Ahmed, who faced critical injuries was taken to the hospital, but unfortunately, his life couldn’t be saved.
This is really sad! An issue like road accidents is something that needs to be controlled asap. What do you think?

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