Woman Posts Picture Of Baby Bump On Facebook. Cops See It And Hunt Her Down…

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase that everyone loves to document. But when this mother decided to post pictures of her pregnancy online, she got into some real trouble. What was so “off” about the whole thing? Read on…

Love For Babies

Everyone loves babies and the process of birthing one is simply magical, for both the mother and those around her. Yes, there are tumultuous times in those 9 months, but the results make up for most of these rickety roads. When this pregnant North Carolina mom snapped a photo of her baby bump and posted it online, police quickly arrived at her door and arrested her. Why? What was so offsetting about this snap?

Natosha Kirkland

The woman named Natosha Kirkland, is a regular Facebook user.  When she uploaded her recent belly development as her profile picture, one viewer instantly contacted the Police. The forces arrived and arrested her immediately.

The Band

A part of the picture was out of frame but one could easily spot the “tie off” band on her upper arm. If you looked closely you can also see the other side of the image with suspicious objects in the background.

The Needle?

On the table in the background one can see a spoon and needle, typically used to shoot up heroine and other powder drugs. The band on her upper arm is a tie off band used to tighten veins before injecting the drug. Seeing this picture, her viewers intimated the police since it is illegal to consume drugs, especially during pregnancy.

An Addict

According to sources Natosha was an addict and a mother of 3 already. She was arrested and charged with felony credit card fraud, driving with a revoked license, and felony obtaining property by false pretences.  She was posing in front of drug paraphernalia but wasn’t charged with anything involving child endangerment.

The Video

She later posted this update about the photo, claiming that she hadn’t posted the video and that her Facebook had been hacked, in which she says, ” My Facebook was hacked I have not been able to get on here since the ninth of Feb … the pic was taken a year ago and have was not pregnant I just got my kids taken at the time pic was taking I lost my mind and yes I did my drugs … I have been clean and I intend to stay that way … so for everyone to know I am 20 weeks and five days pregnant today I do not do drugs and that pic has ruined my life but I’m not letting it drag me down or hold me back from doing right and living a clean and sober life for me and my baby girl and of course my other three babies I have … so please for the sake of ur self and my self-stop talking about me …..”
Indeed, it is tough to help someone out from drugs, but easy to comment and judge!
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