You Must Try These 12 Things Before You Die

You Must Try These 12 Things Before You Die
Do you have a bucket list? C’mon, everybody has it, be it a small one, or a really big one. You must have thought of doing few things before you grow old and die. Life is short. Amidst all the complexities of life, people forget to live their dreams. In chase of money, they forget chasing their dreams.
If you have a bucket list, then go, work on it, and if you don’t have one, or are still in process, check out the list of 12 must things to do before you die:

1- Travel and explore:

Take trips. Be it one with friends, family or a solo one. Step out and see the world. Feel the nature, experience new culture, meet new people, try different kind of food. Be spontaneous. Choose a place you had always wanted to visit, or simply go on an unplanned road trip.  This will add to your experience and memories.

2- Attend music festivals:

Music lovers must attend some music festivals to feel the vibes and energy.

3- Sky diving:

Travelling is fun, but if you are an adventurous kinda person, then sky diving is made for you. This action sport is a must try once in a lifetime. In those few minutes, you are gonna experience fear, joy, thrill, emptiness, fulfillness- all at the same time. But you would never regret it.

4- Gate crash a wedding:

What else could be amazing than wearing a good suit, and then gate crash a wedding with your friends. If you have missed this fun in your college days, it’s not too late. Go have food, and dance to all the naagin tunes.

5- Go bald:

Go flawless and let it all go. Feel the breeze on your hairless head once in a lifetime. And when hair grows back, you can try any hairstyle right from the start.

 6- Conduct or be a part of a flashmob:

There is nothing more fun than to dance with the random crowd on streets in the middle of commotion.

7- Read a lot of books:

Books are human’s best friend. They are for you everytime. So why don’t you give them some time of yours. Make your own little library. Get all the books you had always wanted to read. Or if you have no idea, then explore what you like. Read different authors, different genres, and know the different perspective, and insights into different things.

8- Learn to play an instrument

Music is life. So, why  not be a part of it? Learn a new instrument because its fun and joyful. You don’t have to master in it, but its always better than checking instagram stories of your long lost friends.

9- Learn a new language

Learning a new language is exciting. It’s like going back to your childhood when we learnt A B C D. The learning process is always fun, no matter what you do. Pick any language you want. Be it French, Italian, German, Chinese, or Urdu. Flaunt it in front of your friends.

10- Help people in need.

Do something for a good cause. Somebody somewhere might be needing your help and support. Donate old clothes, pay for a child’s education, buy food to people suffering from hunger.
Did you know, that you don’t always need to spend money to help people in need? I’ll tell you how,
help a blind crossing the road, pay a visit to orphanage on weekends and play with the kids, and teach them. Or pay a visit to old age homes and talk to those lonely souls.

11- Buy your dream home

Having you own home is a dream of all. Work hard and buy yourself your dream home. One that you have always wanted and want to spend your post-retirement period in it. Be it alongside beach, or in mountains, or in a metro city. Go get it.

12-  Grow old with someone you love

What else would be better than growing old with someone whom you love the most. Don’t take your loved ones for granted. Lucky are those who get to spend their life with someone whom they love. Don’t give up on your love. Strive hard and get it.
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