You Will Learn More in These 10 Minutes Than Many Engineering Lectures

Engineering is certainly not as easy as something that you can grasp in merely ten minutes, but there are certain useful engineering tips and tricks that can widen your scientific knowledge a bit. So, how about learning a thing or two about the things that are usually taught in engineering lectures?! Let us learn something offbeat but interesting here. Interested? Let’s get going, then!

How an automobile engine works

Ever wondered about the working of an automobile engine or about how wonderfully a brake stops a car moving at 100 miles an hour in a matter of few seconds? Know all the intricate details of aerodynamics of an engine in the video below


Cryogenics refers to the science of production and effects of temperatures as low as absolute zero. Interestingly, if you manage to cool down the electric wires to an absolute zero Kelvin, your electricity bills can go to nearly zero, but it is incredibly difficult to make that possible! The researchers had also frozen and unfrozen human organs to absolute zero! Interested in knowing more about it? See the video!

How to use Vernier callipers

Remember how in senior college you get to use this fascinating instrument to take measurements as small as 1/128th of an inch? Now, if you didn’t learn it then, here’s your chance to do that now! See the video and learn to use this genius tool in less than 10 minutes!
Amazing videos! Aren’t these? So, now don’t forget to share this incredible piece of knowledge with your friends and family!
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