YouTube Deleted Dhinchak Pooja Videos, And These 15 Tweets Show Our True Feelings

1. Accept it, we are somewhat missing her swag.

2. Her music was kind of trashy but entertaining.

3. It is a fact that she didn’t deserve this humongous popularity.

Can someone explain to me why people are listening to Dhinchak Pooja ? Excellent singers haven't got such response I believe.

4. Who did this miracle?

5. Aap ka ehsaan raha.

6. Someone named Kathapa Singh submitted a copyright takedown notice on Dhinchak Pooja’s videos.

Most silly question of the universe is "Katappa ne  ke music ko kyun mara?"..

7. That’s too much to say.

Suna h
YouTube walo ne  ke videos delete kar de.. Or uska channel ban kar diya h..
: now youtube saves many lifes😝😝😀😀

8. This is called pure joy, mitron.

9. Her dhinchak fans say this:

10. Katappa is a legacy, now.

2016 - Katappa was hated for killing Baahubali.
2017 - Kathappa gonna be loved for killing Dhinchak Pooja.  

11. A possibility.

Dhinchak Pooja's videos have been deleted from Youtube because of copyright issues. Only Dhinchak Pooja can steal such shitty music.

12. “Copy and paste” gone wrong.

Dear Dhinchak Pooja

Nakkal mein to akkal laga leti.

With no Regards
Victims of your shitty music.

13. We need a clear answer, YouTube.

14. She will be back. Here is why:

15. Who’s next?

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